The Dream

Bowen and Julie Morris started out living in Ohio and they dreamed of the day where they could own their own restaurant, bed and breakfast.  In 2016 they decided the timing was right.  The kids were grown and out of the house and they had the perfect opportunity to dive into their dream.  They searched the country to find the perfect spot to start their new venture.  They happened upon an advertisement for a quaint but secluded bed and breakfast in Mountain View, NY.  After several attempts to reach the owner were not returned, they had all but given up.  However, after some time, the owner finally received their messages and reached out to them.  After brief negotiations, the deal was reached and the dream was starting to come true.

The Challenge

Taking over any business is always a difficult task and this one was no exception.  New equipment and supplies had to be purchased.  The proud new owners had to file paperwork to serve food and to serve alcohol.  All these activities took time and financial resources.  This is where the challenge began.  It seemed to take a lifetime for everything to be in place to be able to open the doors.  The couple, down to their last $20.00, set off to look for jobs in the local community while they waited for the proper documentation to be approved.  On their way to town, they checked the mail.  In the mailbox that day was all the documentation they needed to open their doors to the public.  With the help of a local person they had just met, they prepared for their first weekend brunch and advertised in the local paper.  It was a huge success!

The Success

Today, the word has spread that Sugarloaf Mountain Inn and Cabins has some of the finest food in the area.  The unique smokehouse flavor and top quality freshness bring customers back every week.  People, from all over the world, come to stay in the cabins to enjoy some of the most restful sleep they have enjoyed in years.  The Morris family has become an integral part of the community and share in benefit drives for local causes.  It has been a challenging journey but the dream Bowen and Julie had in 2016 is now a complete success.